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Mind of The Warrior

May 30, 2023

Doc talks to former Damian Porter, former New Zealand SAS Commando. 

Instagram: @hownottodieguy


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May 24, 2023

Kenny Florian is known throughout the Mixed Martial Arts world for his phenomenal endurance, skin-splitting elbows, and eloquent commentary. He is regarded as one of the best competitors to ever fight in the lightweight division of the UFC. However, if you ask Florian, his proudest professional accomplishments are...

May 23, 2023

Jon is the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Peak Demand Inc., a premier manufacturer of critical components for electrical utilities. He is a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer who made seven deployments during the end of the Cold War.


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May 16, 2023

Greg Thompson is a 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt under Royce Gracie. He is the founder of the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) that it utilized by American Special Operations Forces and select elite law enforcement units.


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May 9, 2023

Jeff Depatie is a former Tier 1 Canadian sniper. In this episode, we discuss how trauma can be a catalyst for self improvement, and what can be done to help veterans in their struggle with post traumatic stress. Check out the upcoming documentary "Dark Night of Our...