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Mind of The Warrior

Aug 4, 2015

Doc interviews Central Texas MMA promoter Nael Chavez of Belts of Honorius to tell his story and talk about the upcoming fights on August 8th.

Nael Chavez was born and raised in Mexico. As a child he experienced many tragic challenges, at the age of 12 he was homeless & undocumented in the US. His story is one of Courage and Tenacity. He is a Husband, Parent, Youth at Risk Expert, Public Speaker, Author, Army Veteran, Reverend Methodist Church SC (former), Athlete, Fighter, Coach, Founder of Enlightened Warriors youth at risk program, Founder of United Kidney Advocates, Judge for many youth events, was a candidate for At-large Position 9 on the Austin School Board in Texas, Licensed Promoter with the state of Texas, Foster parent with the State of Texas, Missionary Liaison for children in the ending stage and Grief Counselor in Mexico, Response and Recovery volunteer for disaster zones. In 1994 during the Zapatista Uprising, he got to meet his best friend and wife of now 20 years.




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Serving over 3 decades in the military as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator, and finally as an Emergency Medicine Physician assigned to Special Operations, Mike Simpson is well acquainted with what it truly means to be a warrior.  As a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, and a practicing fight doctor, Mike works extensively with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, law enforcement, and military organizations providing medical care and training.  As one of the foremost experts in both tactical medicine and combat sports medicine, he is highly sought after as a lecturer and instructor.  Now, as host of the Mind Of The Warrior podcast, Mike shares his knowledge, and that of his guests, in an effort to spread to warrior ethos to the general public.



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