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Mind of The Warrior

Jul 30, 2015

In this episode, Doc interviews Mark Tullius, the author of 25 Perfect Days, which was named one of IndieReader's Best Indie Books for 2013. An Ivy League graduate, Mark lists Chuck Palahniuk and Stephen King as the authors who most influence his own writing. In addition to his novels and dozens of short stories, Mark also has a blog which addresses a wide range of topics including mental health, fitness, parenting, and social issues.

Mark's passion for martial arts once had him competing in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Eight years after head injuries sidelined his training, Mark launched a project called Unlocking the Cage, a sociological study of why fighters are drawn to the sport of MMA, and why, despite actual and potential injuries, they continue to climb into the cage. Mark has traveled to 24 states, visited over 120 gyms, and interviewed 400 fighters and coaches from very diverse backgrounds. UTC is due to be released early 2016.



Twitter: @MarkTullius1


Serving over 3 decades in the military as an Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator, and finally as an Emergency Medicine Physician assigned to Special Operations, Mike Simpson is well acquainted with what it truly means to be a warrior.  As a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician, and a practicing fight doctor, Mike works extensively with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, law enforcement, and military organizations providing medical care and training.  As one of the foremost experts in both tactical medicine and combat sports medicine, he is highly sought after as a lecturer and instructor.  Now, as host of the Mind Of The Warrior podcast, Mike shares his knowledge, and that of his guests, in an effort to spread to warrior ethos to the general public.



Twitter: @MMA_Doctor